Council for the Protection of Jersey's Heritage

Coastal Strategy, Conservation Policy and Island Plan Revision Group

Leader: John Mesch


This working group is responsible for reviewing policy and consultation papers issued by the States of Jersey and making formal representations as appropriate whenever heritage issues are involved. Current issues include the following:

Jersey Island Plan 2002: A major review is taking place with a view to a major re-zoning of land to be identified for building development. An early White Paper entitled 'Review of the Island Plan to Rezone Land for Life-Long Dwellings for the Over 55's and First Time Buyer Homes' was issued in November 2007. CPH objected to the threat of increasing Island-wide urbanisation without adequate investigation of possible alternative options. To see our letter click here.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy: An integral part of the endorsed States' 2006-2011 strategy the first draft was issued in 2007. It was a surprise that the ICZM strategy was issued, without further consultation, in March 2008. Click here to view the draft document lodged for States debate. To see CPH comments on the 2007 draft strategy click here. Some of the comments offered by CPH have been included but serious concerns remain about how the strategy is to be implemented. It is interesting to note that since the inception of CPH we have been agitating for an archaeologist to be employed in the planning department to safeguard the listed 165 archaeological sites yet the new appointment of ICZM Manager can be filled and funded immediately.

'Imagine Jersey 2035': This consultative document has major implications for the environment generally and heritage protection issues in particular. CPH members have questioned the population statistics used in the modelling of various immigration scenarios alleged to be necessary to maintain the economy in the face of an increasingly ageing population. At present there is a lack of justification for increased building on green-field sites, which seems to be the real thrust of the document.

Planning Application (P/2006/1868) to build 36 houses on the Plémont Headland. A joint submission by all the heritage groups in Jersey, namely The National Trust for Jersey, Save Jersey's Heritage, La Société Jersiaise, The Jersey Heritage Trust and CPH all made strong representations at the planning meeting held in public on 2nd May 2008 helped persuade the Minister to refuse the application completely. Renewed attempts are being made jointly by these heritage organisations to find a way of acquiring the site of the derelict holiday-camp for the benefit of the public with a view to restoring the whole area to nature. To see the CPH letter of representation click here.

Plemont Headland

Supplementary Planning Guidance on Managing Change in Historic Buildings: This recent White Paper issued for consultation on 19th February 2008. The deadline for comments is 11th April 2008. Click here to see CPH letter of representation.

White Paper Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance-New Development Guidelines for St Helier: This latest set of supplementary planning guidelines were published for consultation on 23rd June 2008. The consultation period ends on 31st July 2008.

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