Council for the Protection of Jersey's Heritage


The Council is organised into working Groups covering the various aspects of our cultural heritage. Each specialist working group has its own leader and has delegated authority to make representations or campaign in support of the objectives of the Council within its own area of responsibility, without reference to the Executive Committee. This is intended to enable the working groups to respond quickly to sudden threats to heritage assets in their respective areas of interest.

Archaeology, Geology, Landscape and Archaeological Sites Listing Group

This group works in relation to Jersey archaeology, including mapping and recording lavoirs and has pressed for the appointment of a States archaeologist.

Coastal Strategy, Conservation Policy and Island Plan Revision Group

This working group is responsible for reviewing policy and consultation papers issued by the States of Jersey and making formal representations as appropriate whenever heritage issues are involved.

Forts, Castles and German Fortifications Group Lewis Tower

This group focuses on Channel Islands fortifications constructed by the Germans between 1941-1944 and also acts to protect local coastal forts and towers.

Urban Rescue, Waterfront Development and Historic Buildings Listing Group

Active involvement in town planning matters with a record of active involvement with the protection of La Fantaisie, Beaufort House and Hemery Row. The group has been prominent in discussions on plans for the Waterfront.

Vernacular and Rural Architecture (pre-1799) Group


Chairman: Maurice Dubras
Vice Chairman: Rowland (Chick) Anthony
Hon. Treasurer: Neil Molyneux
Group Leaders:
  • Geology, Archaeology and Landscape - Dr. John Renouf
  • Urban Conservation and Rescue - André Ferrari
  • Fortifications - Paul Burnal
  • Vernacular Architecture - Neil Molyneux
  • Heritage Policy and Island Plan Review - John Mesch
Executive Committee Members:
  • The Chairman and Vice Chairman
  • All Group Leaders
  • Sue Kerley
  • Paul Craig
Secretary: Maurice Dubras
Newsletter Editor: John Mesch
Website Manager: Jeremy Percival
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